You are visiting the Hultsfred 2000 Festival .

You are ready for three days of partying and listening to lots of good music. To get as much as possible out of the festival days you have to really plan them well. The festival runs for three days and during these days you have to experience as much music as possible.

You get points for visiting concerts, and the longer you stay at a concert and the more concerts you visit, the more points you will get. In order to endure as much music as possible you will have to take time to rest at JC's festival tent between the concerts. The stamina bar in the bottom right corner shows how much you can endure, and when that hits the bottom you will fall asleep and the party day will be over.

Start the game by pressing space bar. Press the up arrow key to move forward and turn around by using the righ arrow key for clockwise and the left for counter-clockwise.

Party on!